Watching Fringe with the family.

This whole family is into the crazy show.

I can’t lie, I’m quite interested in it as well, all of the talk about molecules and multiple universes is stimulating. I don’t get to learn much otherwise, since these people hardly let me read.

Everybody left me at home.

Pissed. I should pee on their stuff.

Barking at carla’s mum.

Lol, she looks so confused. I’ll lick her face now.

Lol. carla was trying to type, so I walked across her laptop’s keyboard.

And that piece of paper that she squealed over. Trololol.

carla is gushing over some kitten on the internet.

Shut up. I’m trying to take a nap.

carla woke up from her nap!

They had lunch and didn’t give me any of what they were eating, though. *sadface*

Duke is barking.

Gonna go talk to him for a bit. He’s our backyard neighbor.

I sometimes sneak over there and everyone gets upset and has to come find me. Lol.

LOL look at her with glasses on!
Oh, Joe.

LOL look at her with glasses on!

Oh, Joe.

Going to take a nap on my pink blankie.

Boys can like pink, too.

carla’s grandma is in the kitchen.

But she shooed me away. She won’t give me anything to eat.

*sadface* I’ll just go to the backyard and bark at things again.